Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Eyeball Glutton

eyeball glutton
(Fashionably Dead skin, Clawtooth hair, ~silentsparrow~ tattoos and squirrel painting, MiaSnow books and skull, Schadenfreude table/eyeball/jewelry/shoes/etc., Lazy Places pose)

So, I eyeballed the gluttony lingerie, because, you know.  Why not?  Also, year of the eyeball.  The floofy skirt that made a brief showing at Motif* has also been eyeballed to match- this is a flexi skirt, not mesh!  It will flounce around while you move, it's kind of a fluffy dense thing.

The lingerie set includes bra, undies, garters (with optional red prim bows), and stockings- all separate, so you can pick which parts you want to wear.  The skirt is just a waistband on the clothing layer, so you will flash people if you don't wear something underneath!  A version with somewhat adjusted structure is also included, that works a little better with corsets (though, of course, you may still have to modify to suit your particular needs).

Both are at the Beach Party and at the elephant.

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