Saturday, August 31, 2013

Chibi Cats at The Arcade

The Arcade is upon us again for the month of September.  I made stuffed cats for it this time, to carry around or cover your bed with.

The cats come with a hold pose if you keep them at the default attachment point (left forearm), or do not pose you if you choose another, so you don't have wonky random arm if you want to wear them on your shoulders or head or whatever. Two of the cats are a mini collab with hyasynth Tiramisu of ~silentsparrow~- Kasey is named after her cat, and uses her brocade pattern, and Rosa matches one of her Pwnies and uses her hand drawn rose pattern, also in The Arcade.

Some of them come with accessories that you can unlink and trade with other cats, if you so desire!

(They come with: top row: Pumpkin, Lafeet, Boots, Neckbone (First of His Name), Sweetie
bottom row: Unicat, Pegacat, Batcat, Supercat, Percival, Ziggy)

Only at The Arcade for the month of September.  You can see what everyone is offering at the guide!

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