Thursday, August 8, 2013

Casinelle Shoes for Collabor88

This month is Collabor88's second birthday!  A whole bundle of guests are participating, bringing all sorts of Art Deco fabulousness, as the theme this time is Gatsby (as in The Great).  There's an amazing new build by Cory Edo of Trompe Loeil to hold it all (seriously, amazing details, check out the floor, and the stairs, and lounge in the awesome pool).

the casinelle shoe

I made a pair of shoes this round, heavily influenced by 1920s styling- including the customizable heel- you can choose the base material, and the stones, to trade out your heels with new ones to give the same old shoes a new look.  All shoes, including singles, come with a HUD to change between 5 heel bases and 10 stones, and if you get more than one single colour, you can also use the HUDs from each one to mix the rest of the shoes (the pack comes with one big HUD with all the options in one convenient place).

There are also materials versions included of the shoes- the most notable differences being that the metal on the heel shines, the stones have a more realistic shine to them, and the metallic stitches on the shoe itself will also reflect the light. The shoes are also modify and resizable, as I like to do when I don't have to deal with rigging, so if you need your shoes a little larger or a little smaller, have at it!


At Collabor88 the month of August!

The full release of the Casinelles are now available at the elephant.

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