Monday, July 22, 2013

Amargosa Boots

The Amargosa Boots from Collabor88 are finally back, with reinforcements.  The original 5 Painted Desert boots have been joined by 4 more patterns in 5 colours each- Midcentury with abstract diamond stars and circles, Firebird with stylized bird cutouts, Knotwork with interwoven Celtic knots, and Lune with starry moonlit skies and swirly cloud stitching.

amargosa boots

Each individual boot comes with a HUD that lets you choose from a variety of options- there are plain undecorated options for each colour, as well as the decorated version, and you can change the sides, tongue, and toe/heel separately to mix and match colours and patterns and solids and such.  They also each have 2 options for laces and 2 options for soles.  Each of the 5 patterns are also available in packs of all 5 colours for that type for more mixing, as well as an uberpack for yet more options- the uberpack also comes with 8 bonus patterned selections.

They come in the 5 Standard Sizes for men, the 5 Standard Sizes for women, 2 collision volume versions for each men and women, and ankle cut-off versions for wearing under trousers.

They can be found at the elephant, of course.

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