Wednesday, January 2, 2008

More freebies abound!

Christmas may be over, but freebie season isn't!

The Real Goddess has a hot free shape for you. They've just opened, and they've got a super cute selection to choose from of shapes for sale, as well.

And how about an entire free AO? Demoiselles has moved from right next to me to a few shops down, off the grassy area, and released an utterly adorable free AO. (The link dumps you in the bottle in my shop because I am LAZY and don't feel like logging in to copy the SLURL. Hop off the table, leave the shop, turn right down the boardwalk, and you'll soon see the grassy area on the left.)

Bring your favourite n00b over to pick up something that actually looks natural and isn't all wacky and hip jutting all the time. You might as well come by yourself and grab it, because you never know when it might be fun! Last I checked her other pose sets were still around too, don't forget to grab those babies, you never know when she might decide to take them away!

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