Saturday, January 26, 2008

Another Fundraiser Skins reminder

I have this love hate relationship with Flickr since they were bought out by Yahoo. As soon as I end up logged out of any of my Yahoo takes months to get back in, because we have this little disagreement about what my password is, and their password recovery system...doesn't work. I've even sat on the phone with human beings for hours trying to deal with this, and generally get a "well, that's just too damn bad" for my troubles.

I cannot articulate how very much I want to go on a murderous rampage at Yahoo some days. This is even a minor case of it, they have been nothing but trouble for years.

Because of this, this picture won't be posted on the another skin mod club. (His skin was made before Eloh released her wonderful male skin, so he does have different shading, and ever so subtly hairy arms and legs.)

These skins are now available at Another Fundraiser, as well as a dizzying array of others. Amusingly, with the format, it looks like the other skins really don't want to be next to them. Which, well, I can't blame them so much, because my skins are probably cannibals.

(Bloodrage pasties from Dark Eden on her, Truth, um, starts with a K, hair on him, eyes by Miriel)


Sasy Scarborough said...

omg are you craaazy they are there so i know where they are lol on the second location anyway <3 seriously they are a huge hit and Furiae even bought the boys one and is loving it, and i had a guy who is so scared of clowns buy it coz he loves it but wont look at himself lmao they are as well as all the other skins at Another Fundraiser a HUGE Hit !!! thank you thank you <3

xoxox Sasy xoxo

Allegory Malaprop said...

Oh, ha, I know they're there, but at least at one place, they're in a row all by themselves. It's like the other skins are scared of them. I'm so proud of them.

I actually threw them in on a lark, I figured they were too bizarre and not "pretty" so they wouldn't sell well...but so long as I was uploading them anyway, I might as well!

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