Friday, January 4, 2008

Jewelry sets from Room 34

In the mall of one of my satellite stores (and one might notice I'm picky and don't just put up shop in every mall I come across, I have one main store, and two satellites), is this little shop, Room 34. He just put out 4 lovely jewelry sets of earrings and necklace for L$200 each:

(I'm showing you the ads because they a) show them all off well, and b) I'm too lazy to splice pictures together of me wearing them all, so nyah. Besides, the hot redhead is far more styling than me! Even if I did just run to the silent sparrow SALE and buy fancy new things. I even look remarkably stylish, considering how casual Alle tends to be...if I ever get an alt, maybe she can wear all the fancy frocks that Alle looks at and decides she can't pull off.)

Also amazingly awesome? They come inside matching snowglobes! This is the Sunny Skies one:

It snows when you touch it, too! The snowglobes alone are serious cuteness, and you aren't even told you'll get them!

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