Saturday, December 29, 2007

Tuxedo Corsets

(psst! You want to read past the cut to find out where to get the AWESOME L$1 pose sets [an entire set of 10 or 15 for 1 spacedollar!] used in a lot of the ads.)

SL crashed on me, and I desperately need to follow its example, so I'll try to be quick(ish) here.

Newthing! Tuxedo Corset suits, option tails for the jackets, bowtie, velvet choker, top hat, pants, 2 skirts (scripted, of course, non scripted versions packed away if you need them), 2 pairs of gloves. I think that's everything, I'm tired and only got 5 hours of sleep last night. The long ones thrown in because I used them to cheat the shirt layer for sleeves with the jacket (Note: Do not wear without jacket unless you're aiming for a wardrobe malfunction), and hey, more gloves are always nice.

Separate, or divvied into 2 fatpacks of 4: a monotone with the white, grey, black, and pink(! Gogo = bad influence), and a set of the jewel tones with black. The jewel tones have gloves that very subtly differ, while the gloves are black, the buttons at the wrist match the colours. Plus, buy either fatpack and you get a tophat that changes all those colours on touch (plus the hat itself can go green or purple or whathaveyou), a bowtie that changes all the colours on touch, and the secrethiddenbonus of the two pair of (also colour change) sculpted high heel shoes used in a lot of the pictures! And they're mod.

Here's hoping I get this right.

The Lady in Black: Hair is Philotic Energy Xin in Ruby, Skin is TaP Vivant Almond Fleur SE, and Schadenfreude Astraios earrings
The Lady in Grey: Hair is Pudge's The Valerie, Skin is Another Shop Re Wrath, boots unreleased, and Schadenfreude Geoffrey Monocle and Flewksbriar earrings
The Lady in White: Hair is Philotic Energy Billie in Black, Skin is Minnu Old Hollywood gloss, and not that you can see but I think she's wearing the as yet unreleased DA Venus earrings in gold
The Lady in Pink: Hair is Philotic Energy Eira in Sandy Blonde, Skin is Minnu Pale Lime, and Schadenfreude Heortecaeg earrings
The Lady in Red: Hair is Pudge The Jill, Skin is Another Shop Re Lust, boots unreleased, and Schadenfreude Blood Ruby earrings
The Lady in Green (and I use "lady" loosely, I usually don't clean up this well =p): Hair and Skin unreleased, and Schadenfreude Buckle Platform boots and DA Jupiter necklace
The Lady in Blue: Hair is Pudge The Crystal, Skin is Skins by Cathy Aphrodite
The Lady in Purple: Hair is Pudge The Kiki, Skin is unreleased, Stockings are Savvy? Concubine Trash, Grave is Arcadia Asylum, Brackle is from the stockings I just took away since it's after Xmas, Schadenfreude Buckle Platform boots
All eyes by Miriel.

I blame Pudge for these ads taking me days upon days. I love Pudge hair, it's infinitely adorable, and The Jill got me on a riding theme for the red, and it snowballed from there.

Seriously, I just had this vision of a saucy fashionista that would go on a fox hunt and thoroughly scandalize everyone there, with style. I...sort of want a horse now. And I have the Another Shop skins (which, if I were in the market for skins, would actually have been at the top of my list even before she started giving them away, I think they're gorgeous), so even though it would be thoroughly weird to not be Allegory...

You should stop by Schadenfreude anyway, I'm taking up the gifts next, and the jingle bells earrings (that jingle!) were only put out a couple of days before Christmas so you may have missed them. Also, so many of the poses are from the awesome sets that my neighbor Gogo of Demoiselles (she also fronts the beach, other side of that walkway between shops- she really is next door) is giving away for L$1! She's the other reason this all took so long.

All in the La Reina location for now. Tomorrow when I'm not dead I should be putting the tuxes out elsewhere.


Creamy Cooljoke said...

These Tuxedo's ROCK and I totally see what you mean about the Pudge hair, it works really well with these outfits.

Thanks so much for all the amazing free goodies you have given away in your store :)

Allegory Malaprop said...

You are very welcome :) A couple of the non Christmasy things will be moved to my mystery box o' free (Helios, definitely), and I've got to get started on a few new goodies!

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