Monday, December 17, 2007

Buckle boots

Bad blogger, no cookie. I posted this last night, and you ated it.

Allegory has been wearing the plain buckle boots around for quite some time, and I sort of had in the back of mind that I might release them someday, but I was in no big rush.

I added some fur that matches the Santa hats for the holidays...and a few people were WANT, so I figured I ought to shove it all out finally. Especially since the furry will become holiday inappropriate soon (but then, I've still been walking around with the treat bucket upon occasion, so....)

The plain have an alternate version that's a little shorter, without that section with the top buckle. Both have a little larger, and clunkier, size, for very small boyfeet.

Santagory has been hopping around the world, bringing antlers and coal to the good little boys and girls of SL. (I did see someone randomly somewhere who'd apparently stopped by for a stocking wearing the lights antlers in blue, with the most fabulous faun avatar, wearing a blue dress and a blue glowing nose! When we're talking blue, the blue glowing especially also look dead fabulous with the new silent sparrow group gift, which you SHOULD ALL HAVE if you do not already. Seriously, 'tis fabulous, and making me think about starting to actually take my boy avatar places- though girl Allegory looks quite glam in it as well.)

Alternately she's dreaming of a black or a red Christmas:

(The red santa hat is tinted a sort of muted teal to get the burgundy, the striped scarf is free under the tree, and these are of course the NosferCoat in Noir and Sanguine. Neither pair of pants have hit public release yet..I may be working on getting the striped ones ready soonish though.)

Swing by La Reina to pick them up and get a stocking if you haven't yet! (Also available in Area 51, and eventually onRez, where the furry will stay up after I pull it from shops, I'm sure.)


Nivaya Barbosa said...

"and a few people were WANT"


Unknown said...

Is the santa hat from your store? I don't recall seeing it...

Allegory Malaprop said...

There are two of them sitting out in the store, hachimitsu- one is floating above the little purple chair by the entrance, and the other is sitting on the windowframe. (They're sort of more obviously displayed in Area 51 and Le Cadre', on little mannequin heads and sitting out in the middle of everything.)

One is trans/no copy, and the other copy/no trans. You can also play around with the store copies to see all the colour change, touch the fur trim for a dialog to choose between 4 options, and the hat hat to choose from a selection of....7, I think. (Basically, the hat can match any of the stockings hanging out, plus a couple more variations.) The one you end up with only listens to your poking to change.

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