Thursday, December 13, 2007

NosferCoat and Stockings!

Firstly: There is new freebie distributing funess in the La Reina location! The stocking follows in the tradition of the bucket: you carry it around, and anyone can touch it to be given a little present. It gives out candy, some coal for the naughty boys and girls, and, my favourite, antlers:

(Photos taken in Le Zoo, because I've always wanted to put on animal bits and pose with the real ones. The antlers come in a variety of variations, and the antlers themselves also come in brown.)

Choose the colour scheme you would like by touching the one of your choice hanging off the big table. The ones you'll carry about have a stuffed toy and candy sticking out of them, but I'm already scandalously abusing my prim limit for the store as is.

Secondly: I was feeling psychosomatically cold for poor Alle, walking around with bare arms, so my very first coat, and, in fact, very first clothing released other than the logo tank top, is out! The NosferCoat is inspired by the coat worn by Count Orlok in Nosferatu (the 1922 version, of course), and comes in 5 colours, available separately, or in a fatpack:

The lovely Nivaya Barbosa and Subversive Writer were kind enough to do some modelling for me. Subversive is wearing a wonderful shirt from BareRose, Al, on the end in the Sepia is wearing the Sweeney Todd shirt, a group gift from silent sparrow (it's a gorgeous set) and hair by TRUTH, and Niv is far far too stylish for me to keep up with.



The stocking, as well as the presents under the tree that have been known to gather fellows upon occasion, are only at the La Reina location. The coat is also available in Area 51, and, as soon as I do some prim juggling, in Le Cadre'. Additionally, it will soon be up on onRez, for gifting.


melanieann said...

Alle!!! That coat looks freakin' awesome!

Allegory Malaprop said...

Thanks! :)

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