Saturday, December 22, 2007

'Nog recipe

I make a wicked eggnog (I also make a mean eggnog cake that uses a couple of cups of this eggnog in the place of the eggs and milk). If you haven't had 'nog made from scratch, you haven't had 'nog. Mine is at heart a Williamsburg recipe. It makes a massive amount. Too much for my not-small mixer, not to mention enough for a small army (you don't want to save eggnog for long, it is, by far, best fresh). I usually make at most a half recipe- and in the future even when I want a full I need to make two halves (at least I come by it honestly, my grandmother used to use every dish in the house when cooking...and at least I didn't get egg on the ceiling...this year). I used Omega 3 healthy eggs this year...and learned that a) the yolks are fragile which makes separating a pain, and b) the whites fluff up full of air more than regular eggs, for some reason. So, not _really_ a recommendation.

Full recipe:

18(!) eggs
3 cups fine granulated sugar
1 quart heavy cream
1 quart milk (we use Lactaid)
1 bottle of bourbon (note: recipe calls for 5 bottles, of cognac. Recipe overdoes the alcohol so you cannot taste the eggnog. Still, have a second bottle handy in case you decide it needs more)
fresh nutmeg, with grater

Take your 18 eggs, and separate whites and yolks into 2 mixing bowls. Do not attempt without a mixer unless you really want lots of arm hurting (but, I suppose, it would contribute to good biceps!), because next you add 1 cup sugar to the whites, and beat them thoroughly until they are "very light." I go for starting to hold its shape a little- "mommy, I want to be merengue when I grow up."

Set that aside, and now it's time your yolks got a beating. We're going for thick and pale this time, and once that's reached, add in the rest of the sugar, and continue mixing. Very slowly add half the bottle of bourbon, and stir it in. Stir in the heavy cream and the milk, and put the whole mess in a punchbowl. Pour in the rest of the bottle.

Fold in the egg whites- not super mixed! Ladle out a cup, grate from nutmeg over the top, and taste it to decide whether that second bottle is needed. Keep "tasting" until either you think it's got the right amount of bourbon, or you can't feel your feet.

Enjoy your holidays, dealing with family now may be a little more palatable, if you're drunk off your ass.

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Jaxie Oceanlane said...

whoa!! Yummo! Thanks for sharing! now I want to try and bake an eggnog cake!

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