Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Adore&Abhor Amargosa boots

Adore&Abhor is celebrating their 5th anniversary, and has invited some special guests to help celebrate- I happen to be one of them!  From me, you can find a special pair of Amargosa boots (the rest of which still aren't quite around yet, sorry!  Soon...probably...), in pink and blue.

You can go for the pink set, or the blue set, or the pack of both- they all come in Standard Sizes for men and women, with a HUD with pink and blue laces, wood and black soles, 4 grommet metals, and solid and decorated in the colour (or in the case of the pack, both colours in solid and decorated- the HUD lets you choose toe/heel, tongue, and sides to your choice for mixing options).

Only at Adore&Abhor's event, which ends April 16th, after which they will disappear!

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