Thursday, December 18, 2008

Candy Cane Frolic at Oz

Grumble grumble I want to not be sick anymore.

But anyway! There's a Candy Cane Frolic at Oz- it's a bit of a different type of hunt, as you have to find candy canes that will pop up around the sim, and you get gift tags for catching them, which you have to take to the shop for that tag, to get the goods.

Because, I mean, I'm evil, there are 2 things from Schadenfreude. You get one at random with your gift you might be lucky and only need 2 tags, or you might be less lucky and need a bunch to get them both if one stubbornly insists on being yours repeatedly.

Candy cane antlers- like the rest the antlers are colour change on touch, as well as the candy canes (red/green/blue/black and white stripe).

And a silver mousie with emerald eyes, which is a subtle tip of the hat to Ozma of Oz.

1 comment:

Violet Voltaire said...

This yeeaar CHRISTMAS WILL BE OUUURRRSS Eeeehehehehehe! >:)

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