Thursday, December 4, 2008

Xmas tree farm

I've been chugging along on Christmas trees lately (read: obsessed), and now the Christmas Tree Farm is open on Horst. You can see a few teasers at the elephant, some of the colour change, and a couple of the things are out there. Also, I would like to introduce you to Flopsie and Mopsie:

Flopsie lives at the tree farm on Horst. She will take you to the Schadenfreude elephant, if you hop on her back and touch her to take off.

Mopsie lives at the elephant. She will take you to the tree farm if you hop on her back, and touch her to take off.

Please do be aware: They cross sim borders. While the transition has been smooth more often than not, occasionally they can get lost (Mopsie especially seems to have a bit of a problem with directions at times), and there are rare occasions when you can get trapped in dead space because the handoff between sims fails completely. I still ride them back and forth constantly anyway, because I find it _way_ too fun, and even with my pokey computer, it's rare that I get trapped.

At the tree farm, you will find assorted trees I've been working on:

2 prim pine trees. You can remove the trunk, to make them one prim pines, if you are looking for that aggressively low prim for your sim and they still work rather well.

In with the festive glass is a large bird ornament that seats two (with an assortment of colour change options for glass, feathers, and metal). Also a selection of single prim shiny glass trees (just buy the one that strikes your fancy directly off the lot).

I have cats...I have a cat right now who really loves shimmying up the Christmas tree and nesting in it at eye height. So not only are all of the birds that inspired the ornament in storage and unlikely to be seen anytime soon (she is worth it though!), feather trees are completely and totally not something for me to consider having. Pretty as they are. However, in SL I can indulge without worry, so the tree farm features a feather tree forest in assorted sizes and colours. There are also matching wreaths.

There are still some more things I'm working on for the farm. We'll see if they get done!

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Alyx Sands said...

I love those mousies, and my ride was fine! Have bought three feather trees, am contemplating the fat pack anyway...they're lovely, and so much more like what I enjoy compared to the usual christmassy rubbish!

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