Wednesday, December 3, 2008

These are a few of my favourite things

There's a new suit from ~silentsparrow~, nemu. It even got me to finally change clothes (a Christmas miracle!) with its lush brocade, vest with amazing decorative frogs, sculpted scrunched up sleeves and meticulous jabot, and damn I want these gloves in RL.

Seriously, am I not fecking gorgeous?


Yes, this time of year I am especially festive in green. I need to crash a holiday party in this.

I've not had the time to do much of the Peace on Earth hunt (nor will I, in all likelihood, sadly), but when I heard that Balderdash was participating, I had to squeeze time out of putting out feather trees until my eyes bled to stop by and snap that up. Saiyge makes the most incredibly detailed and delicate jewelry, this picture does not even _begin_ to do these earrings justice, the closer you look, the more you see.

balderdash peace on earth

catch a falling star

Oubliette is also quickly becoming one of my favourite sims to explore when I have a moment free, and its only just been born recently.

The antlers that I've barely taken off since I got them (and only then for particular purposes, after which I put them right back on) are Sika, from Illusions. Yes, they make me extra festive, shush. I tend to leave them on black (as my soooooouuuuuuullllll), but they also have an easy touch retexture to a variety of horns and metals.

The hair that currently has my lust is the adorable Chelsea 'hawk, Glitch, from House of Munster, which goes marvelously well with the antlers with the long bits in front. It's also a colour change fatpack of assorted shades of green. (Really, how can you not love a place with the name "House of Munster"?)

In Schadenfreude related stuffs, the Christmas Tree Farm has moved to Horst, because I could spread out and be a filthy prim hog in that big open area there. The 2 prim pines and the feather tree forest is out, and I'm slowly plugging away on the ridiculous rest of the trees I'd like to do. I'll probably finish them sometime around January 1 =p


Owly Indigo said...

The Sika antlers are texture can color change!? I wore them all November and had no idea! *duh*

Also, I very much love the feather trees and the giant glass bird. ;-)

Allegory Malaprop said...

I always end up _accidentally_ setting off things I'm wearing with touch events! (I turn around by clicking myself....that sounds dirty.)

And awww, yay! :)

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