Sunday, August 9, 2015

A Garden of Daydream Bulbs

daydream lightbulbs

For this very special Daydream birthday Collabor88 round (can you believe Collabor88 is 4 years old already?  I sure can't!  And I've even been in each birthday round, time flies so fast), I made lightbulbs that light up with dreams.  There are three of them: a flower, a tree, and a butterfly.  When dark, the flower is a bud, the tree is bereft of leaves, and the butterfly perches motionless on the glass.  When lit, the flower blossoms, the tree blooms, and the butterfly takes off and flutters in its enclosure.  (Thank you hyasynth for the gif of them in action!)

Each lamp comes in 7 heights, from no pole to floor lamp, and with a lightbulb not in a fixture- each 1 LI at original size.  There are two versions of each- one is scripted to cast light when lit while glowing and animation, and the other only glows and animates but does not light up (in case the cast light does not fit the lighting scheme of your decor).  The lamp fixtures have 4 metal options (silver, gold, copper, and black), and each interior object has 8 texture options for your choice of colours.

Like most of my lamps and furniture, activating texture change requires the owner touching a particular part of the object first to activate the HUD (so you can have more than one rezzed and have them be different options!  Plus it's lower lag for sim health).  They will stop listening once touched by the owner anywhere, which is recommended!  Plus that way YOU can turn them on and off anyway.

At Collabor88 this month!

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