Friday, July 9, 2010

My last 50L Friday for a while!

This will be my last 50L Friday for a while, I'm taking a break from it. So grab your fill while you can!

This week, a batkini in rainbow, and the black vest I've been hoarding until the end, because it matches most of what lives in the black hole also known as my RL closet.

(~silentsparrow~ tattoos that are imprinted on Alle's snow white flesh most of the time; unreleased skin; Luth poses)

(~silentsparrow~ tats and pants (those are the Geist Batty pants only available on xstreet in a pretty awesome set; DECO fedora of AWESOME that I can beat you up with; Pig shirt; Schadenfreude skirt, eyes, skins, hair; Luth poses)

At the elephant, where you can, as always, also pick up this week's list!

After the event is over, some items will be available on the Marketplace.

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