Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Leith Boots (and shoes)

leith in purple   leith boots in oubliette
(Pitch mixed with Thistle, and Pitch mixed with Ash)
(hair by Clawtooth, skin by Tres Blah, coat by Fashionably Dead, horns by Illusions, dress by Schadenfreude, pose by marukin, taken on Oubliette)

This month's Collarbor88 is the frost nipping at your toes, frostbite in deep wintery jewel tones.  I made convertible boots and shoes- the uppers are rigged mesh, and can be worn with the shoes- and both can be worn without.  The uppers will work with (some!) other shoes- the angle of heel changes with the shoe base, so they don't have to be identically heeled, though you may find they work best with shoes that are (*gasp*) modify, so you can tweak the fit a touch.  And the high heels can be worn alone as high heeled shoes.  They also come with a HUD- the buttons on the uppers have 6 texture options, and you can also mix colours in sections if you have more than one colour.

The uppers are rigged mesh, and therefore unresizable- but come in Standard Sizes for men and women, so there's likely to be a close enough fit for you!

Wednesday, full of woe
(hair, dress, boots, and pose from this session of Collabor88 from Tableau Vivant, Fashionably Dead, Schadenfreude, and marukin; hand bees from ~silentsparrow~)

In five colours, at Collarbor88 this month!

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