Tuesday, May 20, 2008

The Drama Llama meets its end

The drama llama has no real predators, and, as such, tends to breed out of control and adversely effect the environment. Here at Schadenfreude, we enjoy culling the herd, and have preserved some perfect specimens for you to display. If the drama llama has ever followed you home and you wish to make a point that it will not happen again, or even to just scare them off to begin with, the mounted drama llama may be for you (or someone you love).

Sold in a pair of gossiping drama llamas (a pair is on display in the lobby of the Starlust Motel), which the owner can touch to change with a friendly dialog:

Also available in your choice of singles (scroll through the vendor for your perfect llama), which are unscripted to avoid adding to the great beast lag:

(four of the sixteen options. There's one sitting out in the elephant as well, so you can see a llama in action)

Transfer because, well, what good is a drama llama if you can't share it with friends?

Available in the Schadenfreude elephant.

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