Thursday, May 29, 2008

Digital Alchemy - The Seven Top Hat

I've been working on this for....a very long time. Before I met the vast majority of people I know in SL. In fact, I was wearing it when I met a number of them- as the prim work has been done for ages. It's just that I really wanted to have lots of whizbang options with a HUD...and it's taken me this long to face coding some of it. I'd do some, and then run screaming the other direction, a lot (bright side, I figured out some way less painful ways to do it in the meantime, so some of it went a lot easier than I expected).

(hair: Fashionably Dead Dreamboat Annie autumn mix, eyes: Miriel grape Luminous, skin: Tuli Emily light coal, dress: mix of ashes and mint silent sparrow How We Quit the Forest which I haven't taken off since I bought it, tattoos: Etchd Monstrosity, necklace: Schadenfreude Pearl necklace with cameo)

8 hat choices (dusty felt, and in leather your choices of black, white, 2 browns, oxblood, blue, and purple), 16 cord (silk: white, black, 2 shades of grey, red, 2 pinks, orange, green, 2 blues, purple, brown; leather: 2 browns, oxblood), 8 metal textures (untextured, silver, gold, 2 coppers, rust, 2 verdigris), and 8 metal tints (2 golds, silver, pewter, gunmetal, iron, black)- symbols can change all together, or by particular symbols. Pretty labeled HUD like Koijini.

Sitting on the dresser in the big black elephant.


Marls Vaughan said...

I have to say this is a MOST EXCELLENT top hat. Probably the best I have seen in SL, honestly. The shape makes me hot under the collar. I even dreamt about it... sure I was wearing ONLY the top hat and Clive Owen was feeding me ice cream in big banana suit... but, that's besides the point.

Thanks Allegory for ace release!

Alyx Sands said...

Wow. I need one of these ASAP. And I have two alts that need one, too, what with all those cool options. I *love* those little alchemist symbols!

Allegory Malaprop said...

My hat is honoured to appear in such a dream!

Thanks Alyx :) You wear it well!

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