Thursday, May 1, 2008

Axis Mundi

Some days I feel like I blog in Achariya's shadow. She and I have very similar tastes...and she actually blogs things in, an, erm, reasonable timeframe, which I tend to not, because I get distracted while taking pictures and decide that instead I need to work on...

But well, I think this bears repeating, so nyah.

katat0nik is actually one of the first people I met in SL (the first random strangers to talk to me in all of my sliders-tinted-black glory were kat and EllisDee, who were both birds at the time). kat's always been a brilliant artist, and has had great paintings around. She introduced me to 713 Ayres at a party (713 is actually the origination of my obsession with silent sparrow's brokenhearts).

kat and 713 got together and opened up a sim, Axis Mundi. They're both brilliant artists, and have art on display around the sim, as well as assorted other little goodies (there are still quite a few sneaky little freebies hidden about from the opening). Axis itself is a great sim, full of all sorts of wonderful weirdness, and well worth a stop by just to explore.

They recently had a lovely party to celebrate opening up their boot shop (Stomp Lightly, which is a most splendiferous name, I'm sure you agree!), and not only did I get to be tempted by delicious stompiness, but kat was also wearing this brilliant Carousel dress with the Ghostfire boots (I stood there staring up at the wall trying to figure out which pair I needed first...oh, how tragic it is when people create things that cause us such troubles). See, there's a reason I keep stressing these people are artists (although generally, I believe a great deal of SL "designers" are artists as well, and use "designer" more out of convenience).

The sets come with 2 corsets, one a solid colour, and one with the two together; 4 pairs of gloves, short and long, in each of the colours in the set; two stockings with ribbons matching either colour. There's also a ribbon necklace I'm not wearing here.

The devil really is in the details here, these boots are absolutely brilliant with the winged hearts. The carousel on the skirt is lovely, and there are great little skulls accenting all over!

katat0nik (purple/green) Carousel Dress
katat0nik Ghostfire boots
Violet Voltaire ganK collar
Miriel eyes

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Violet Voltaire said...

*drools like homer simpson* have you seen the new dresses? I grabbed two today and matching boots XD

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