Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Tonight silent sparrow released the thorns gown. It's a partner to the suit set (which has an ultra fabulous coat, and some really awesome jeans! plus great buckley shirt stuffs which Achariya blogged in fabulous purple).

And ooooo, lovely. The theme is a rose pattern, stainglass in execution. It has the same kickass buckles that hyasynth developed for the coat, optional on the skirt (there's a version without included as well), and on great arm straps, as well as the drawn waist buckles again, this time on a sleeveless turtleneck (in demure, and in "oh hey, cleavage!"). As always, it comes with bundles of bits so you can easily make multiple outfits of it, with sumptuous details all over the place (sexy sexy roses on the backs of the stockings that I'm not showing, for instance). There are also long pants, if, like me, you only wear the hotpants for photos and then feel the need to cover up because that's too much thigh! (Well, for outside of a club at least. I could go clubbing in that, maybe.)

I'm booooooring so here's the basic black (ashes), although it comes in the same selection as the men's suit (blood, violet, and sea, as well).

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