Sunday, May 11, 2008

Batwing tanks

Yesterday I was locked out of where I wanted to be (thanks LL), and thus, couldn't work on what I really should have been. Instead, I did something small enough I could actually maybe get it done, ha. Let's not talk about all the things that are in various states of half finishedness.

The batwing tanks are summery and more avatar bearing than Allegory generally wears around (I, on the other hand, am heading into the 120F weather, in which I try to wear as little clothing as possible while avoiding the sun and trying to spend all of my time in air conditioning), but have given me lots of reason to go spelunking in my tattoo folder (which may just need to be expanded some). Three packs of three, to soothe my bizarrely ordered mind.

Available at the Starlust Motel, Juicy, Haute Couture, and onRez.

(middle: skins by miaSnow, hair the K-OH! by Pudge; right: skins by La Sylphide, hair by Philotic energy, cool and absence tats by Alexitimia, warm tats by EtchD; all jeans by Tres Blah, all eyes by Miriel)
And the exciting exciting awesome stuff that keeps distracting me from other things? New Starlust Motel opening next weekend! We've expanded into something that I hope you will agree is weird and wonderful. However, the place will be open before everything is done done, lots of little details that will be yet to put into place, I'm sure.

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