Saturday, August 7, 2010

Langwidere Basics

A quartet of minimalist makeups are available in the new Langwidere skins. Skins come with regular boobs and a pushup option, as well as optional freckles. Brows are tintable with hair bases (and there are a bunch of sample hair bases to get you started). The skins all come with light lips- and darker lips on the tattoo layer. Each skin comes with one set of lips (just the lips, and lips with red or black nails), and the four pack of skins comes with the entire set of 10 lips (with and without nails). The lips are also available separately in sets, and work pretty well with a variety of skins (they are not guaranteed to work though! It all depends on the lip shape of that skin). Moonlight, Twilight, and Dawn come with shades of pink lips.

Alopex, on the other hand, comes with shades of purples.

(Undies by Schadenfreude, Schadenfreude, Pig, and ~silentsparrow~. All hair and eyes by Schadenfreude)

All skins available in the elephant!

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