Sunday, September 27, 2009

Langwidere skins: Moonage Daydream

Blended shades of glitter on eyes and lips, in 5 colourways (including a rainbow), with tintable brows. For now, I'm discontinuing setting up the darker tones on release- unfortunately they don't sell well (I can count the number that have sold on one hand...with fingers to spare), and setting up skins the OCD way I do is a crapton of work. They are not _really_ gone- there's a sign up in the shop about how to go about requesting them (which mostly consists of a notecard saying "oh hai, can I has this in this tone please?" and it will happen), but if no one wants them, it's not worth the time/effort/prims/etc. to set them up unless I'm going to wear them, so that's the way it's going to go, for now.

(Tiny Bird The Art Teacher II hair (tinted); ~silentsparrow~ velvet corset, peacock grimly skirt (currently only available to avs 30 days and under, previous shop opening gift), belladonna:lepidoptera tattoos; Violet Voltaire Their Cell crown, ganK choker, and lucky star bracelets (bracelets were a previous event gift, may no longer be available); retired Miriel eyes)

At the elephant- a selection of a few colours and tones (for instance, the Ocean in Cameo, pictured above) are also at the Skin Expo.

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