Friday, September 11, 2009

50 Linden Fridays

I'm in 50 Linden Fridays this week. I'm horrible at anything with deadlines in SL- even if I think I have all my ducks in a row with time to spare...I don't, in actuality, because something always goes horribly wrong. Before the fashion show with ~silentsparrow~, Draconic Kiss, and Calico Ingmann (not that you probably remember that many ages ago, but I still do!) my internet just completely crapped out for a couple of days and I couldn't connect at all. This time, I kept changing what the 50 Linden Fridays thing would be because something kept going wrong, between another deadline coming up fairly soon (Skin Fair!), my computer maybe possibly dying on me with Photoshop running sluggish (when it runs...not to mention everything else), and SL spending the last week freezing, crashing, and sometimes with the new trick of cascade crashing as I try to log back in.... Stabbity stabbity, I'm a filthy computer addict and I'm so not going to be pleased if this computer really is giving up the ghost :/

But anyway! Because of all this, until midnight tonight, you can get this for 50 L at Schadenfreude. There's also a notecard giver hanging out at the elephant with LMs to all the other fabulous 50 Linden Friday goodies.

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