Sunday, July 8, 2012

Bleached Collabor88

c88 bleached

I'm very honoured to be invited back by the wonderful organizers of Collabor88 again this month. This time the theme is "bleached" with washed out muted tones of ivories and off whites and desaturated tans- which are colours I tend to not work in a lot.  It was a fun challenge though!  There are 3 colours this time, dresses and matching shoes, both with ribbons, the dress in the back, the shoes tied in the front.

The Eala dresses are rigged mesh- they come in the Standard Sizes for women, and 2 extra versions, that utilize the new not quite officially released yet deformer.  One of those versions is for boys, because I continue to encourage boys in dresses (and, just generally, the idea that people should be able to do whatever they want with their shapes and everything else in SL, as much as possible!).  The Cygnette shoes are mesh, but unrigged, and as such can be stretched to fit if size 0 feet don't fit your frame.

c88 bleached

Collabor88 opened this morning at midnight- and runs for a month (well, almost.  It closes one day early so we can set up for the next round!), and until then these dresses and shoes will only be available there, coming home afterwards with more colours!  (It'll be happening with last session soon as well, just...haven't quite gotten that far yet.  But soon.)

Edit: The full release of the Eala dresses and the Cygnette shoes are now available at the elephant.

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