Wednesday, July 25, 2012



(the three above sparrows are currently only in the uberpack- there are other blue, green, and greyscale sparrows available separately though)

This is a project that I procrastinated on way way too long, little 2 prim (3 prim for animated, though that's only to store the extra frames so there are no loading issues) sparrows- sparrow in the antiquated meaning of small bird, not sparrow-sparrows, necessarily. Though there are a couple of those, too.

sparrows on a birdbath

The result is 29 colours of sparrow (at least count, and dammit, I'm going to stop counting....though the uberpack does have an updater if I don't), with an array of options: animated sparrows that look around and are silent or chirp, static sparrows that are silent or sing, 3 different foot types for grabbing or standing on different surfaces, and a transfer set of poses to share some sparrow love.  The uberpack has all of the above, though the pose pack comes in copy with texture change sparrows so you can choose which one you would like to pose with.

(awesome squidy pants from The Sea Hole, and adorable necklace from Yummy, both for Collabor88)

20 of the sparrows are available separately (because 20 is overkill, and 29 is really really overkill!) They can be rezzed around your land, but also quite enjoy riding around on your shoulder or head.

sparrows on a rock

And in case you want a place to put your sparrows, empty birdcages. They're another an old project I'm finally pushing out the door, you might recognize the cages from jewelry and a group gift.  Texture change to all my metals, standing and hanging options (and the perch inside is removable, in case you don't want to fill them with birds).

(Thank you hya for letting me abuse your wallpapers <3.  One of the sparrows is bloo, and named Silent Sparrow for hya, because I'm a great huge dork.  Silent Sparrows can also sing, of course.)

And the bonus stump in the uberpack has 2 poses for two sparrows, to choose between.

Sparrows are, of course, at the elephant.

sparrows on a boat

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