Saturday, August 4, 2012

Vintage Fair

groovy, baby
(left to right: on her, Clawtooth by Clawtooth hair, Fashionably Dead skin, Yummy glasses, pose by agp
on him, Plastik skin, Dernier Cri shape, Schadenfreude hair&shirt, trousers coming soon for C88, pose by agp
on her, Elikatira hair, I've got to ask about glasses!, skin&makeup by Schadenfreude, pose by Luth, I think)

Vintage Fair opened today at 4- I'm on the Retro sim, with boots and dresses.  The dresses are finally getting around to giving a proper treatment to some of the Collobor88 ColorField dresses- the Kelly and the Rothko, done up with texture change HUDs that let you choose the section(s) you want to change, and colours to change to, so you can mix up whatever combination you want.  I'm not doing the math, but there are quite a few possibilities.  Each colour comes with the colour you pick, black, and white (so any of them can be just black and white!  And can have black and/or white accents).  HUDs can also be added on to a dress- so if you want to mix a second colour in, just grab that colour and use that HUD and the first HUD on a dress to add in more colour accents.  And, of course, it's me, so there's also an uberpack with all 8 colours (red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple, pink, and brown) plus black and white if you want maximum flexibility in one place.  As before- women's Standard Sizes, deformer versions for men and women, and a size especially for children.  Other patterns are coming along eventually, but not for Vintage Fair!  I ran out of prims, so I had to stop.  It's kind of a good thing.  Because I've still got C88 and FLF in front of me all too soon!

for vintage fair
(Clawtooth by Clawtooth hair; Fashionably Dead skin; marukin pose I think?; in skybox by Trompe Loeil; ridiculous girly drink in the background from Tableau.  Got drunk and rolled around in all those shoes after this picture.)

And then there are boots.  Oh, the boots. For her, there are the Carnaby boots, gogo boots in 30 colours.  There are 5 minipacks in sets of 6, texture change to save your inventory (since with Standard Sizes, there are 5 pairs of boots for each colour!).  Only 4 of those packs are out for Vintage Fair, because I ran out of prims!  The pastels, second row from the bottom, will be available separately and in the minipack after Vintage Fair, for now they are just in the uberpack.  (Packs also sneakily let you change the zipper pull metal, you're stuck with silver on the singles).  Women's Standard Sizes, for now, boys will NOT be able to wear these.  Yet.  I will be adding deformer versions for men and women later, but I had no end of horrible issues, and deadlines, so, yeah, didn't happen yet.

also for vintage fair
(Plastik skin; Dernier Cri shape; hair, shirt, and tie by Schadenfreude; trousers that will probably eventually see the light of day and were going to be part of a suit for Vintage Fair, but the jacket may or may not ever happen; in skybox by Trompe Loeil. And a dude with that many beautiful beautiful shoes is way more OCD than she is, and would never let them get mussed rolling around in them.  You can already see how much better he takes care of them, none flung sideways on shelves.)

And, for him, Beatle Boots- Chelsea boots with a Cuban heel.  The story goes, the Beatles had them commissioned after seeing some flamenco boots with that heel.  Also 30 colours in 5 minipacks of 6, also only 4 of those packs are out due to prims, the lights, second row from the top, will be out later but are now in the uberpack.  Texture change HUDs for packs, as well as the ability to hide/show the loops on the back (you're on your own with Build tools for the singles)- even with those skinny skinny drainpipes he didn't need to hide them, but just in case you find something they get in the way with, it's an option.  Sized for men and for women, so you boys who base your shapes on the female mesh will not be left out.  Again, deformer versions will happen, later- you'll be able to adjust the shoe size on those too, but that will require me getting them to not be a horrible mess in one way or another first!  Stupid hidden pitfalls.

(on him, Plastik skin, Dernier Cri shape, Schadenfreude hair&shirt, trousers coming soon for C88
on her, Clawtooth by Clawtooth hair, Fashionably Dead skin, Yummy glasses
vespa with poses by (pda), pavillion by SMERSH)

Boots and dresses at Vintage Fair, from August 4-29!

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