Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Baroque Collabor88

(Thank you hya for being my date for the night!
on hya: Wasabi Pills hair, Plastik skin (I think!), bee hand tattoos by ~silentsparrow~, shirt by Schadenfreude, pose by {TERHO}
on me: Clawtooth hair (for C88), Yummy necklace (for c88), Fashionably Dead skin, pose by Imperial Elegance
marigolds and rug by MiaSnow, table by Schadenfreude)

Another round of Collabor88 is upon us!  This is the first anniversary of the event, and many of the previous participants, guests and old regulars, are back!  There is an enormous area outside for special guests full of goodies for you, as well as the usual building full.  It also marks my first time as an official full time Collabor88 participant, not just a guest, as I was lucky enough to be asked to join the team officially!  The theme this month is Baroque, with a rich colour palette.  I made a few things in a matching brocade pattern for it: Pandare bustiers, mesh Panatella drainpipe trousers in Standard Sizes and deformer for men and women, mesh Panegyric loafers, and mesh Panache heels.  All in 5 colours.

The shoes are unrigged, and mod, so they can be resized if such is your need.  They also all come with a HUD with two options of heel colour: one in a colour matching the brocade, and one black.  The trousers are VERY VERY tight.  Super slimlined and straight legged.  There's an alpha, so you have no legs under there anyway, but please do be aware they are meant to fit very very slim.  So please, by all means, try a demo!

(poses by ~N~, lounge by October Rust)

All only at Collabor88 for this month!  Eventually afterwards there will be a full release in additional colours, but I've months behind on that with all the events lately!

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