Thursday, July 12, 2012

FLF, with added birds

This Fifty Linden Friday brought to you by my slight obsession with birds. hya feeds that, to no end.

I've had these sparrows in various stages of not really done yet for...longer than I want to admit.  WAY WAY longer.  Occasionally one peeks out, finally they are all ready.  And there's a taste for FLF, a pair of them in a texture change birdcage.  More metal options than you can shake a really big stick at.

Thank you hya for letting me use and abuse your wallpapers <3

And it wouldn't be Fifty Linden Friday for me without a vest.  This time, to celebrate birds, bird vests!  Birdhaus, because those are the birds I made for hya's birdhouse (which has moved with us on Twomoons so you can still see it.  In fact, it's kind of hard to miss, it's pretty big).
Also thank you hya for letting me gaze lustily at your manvatar <3
(on him: Wasabi Pills hair, ~silentsparrow~ sweater and jeans, no clue about the skin, sorry!, pose by {TERHO}
on me: Yummy necklace at Collabor88 right now, and jeans from Sea Hole at the same place, hair/skin/shirt/ears from Schadenfreude, pose by Luth/Reel Expressions)

As always, the sign out in the elephant also has this week's list, in case you haven't gotten it some other way already.

Your taxi to the elephant!

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