Sunday, February 19, 2012

What's your sin? Cupcakes

cupcake gutton

The Festival of Sin is open! My sin is Gluttony, in the fast food neighborhood. My spot is a Chinese restaurant. A really confused one. It may be because it's only open late at night, for those who've gotten kicked out of bars after last call, and so wander in, drunk and hungry, but they only serve sushi, cupcakes, chocolates, and waffles.

the most confused chinese place ever

The cupcakes, in corsets, lingerie, and neckties:

(poses by {TERHO}, Imperial Elegance, and aDORKable; blond hair on him from Dura)

And a gacha of sweets! All the rings are included, in copy form, in the cupcake lingerie 3 pack, but you can also try your luck at transfer ones in the gacha.


(sexxxxy mesh boots by lassitude&ennui)

All to be found at the Festival of Sin! Note: going to this sim will require adult verification. After the event everything will be either at the elephant or on the Marketplace.

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