Sunday, August 19, 2012


(hair by Clawtooth; shirt by Pig for the one eleven event and no longer available; jewelry by lassitude&ennui; pose by {TERHO}; wallpaper by Scribble (I miss Radio!); skin, eyes, skirt, socks by Schadenfreude)

The Cygnette shoes from Collabor88 last month are finally back (the dress isn't quite yet, sorry!), and they brought reinforcements (so you don't have to wear white shoes after Labor Day!).  24 colours, available separately, or in packs- there are mini 4 packs of colours that I think go together, as well as the uberpack of the whole lot of them, and the mini packs were chosen to go well together because all the packs are texture change, you can choose the colour you want for the heel and sole, the main body of the shoe, and the trim around the top separately.

All Cygnettes, singles and packs, come with texture change ribbons via HUD, with 31 choices of ribbons.  I got most of them in that first picture, maybe even all of them, but I'm not sure.

At the elephant, of course!

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