Friday, October 5, 2012

Fifty Linden Friday vests! And a hat.

Another Vestday, of course.  The remaining brocade from Collabor88, joined by another colour.  And an unrigged mesh straw hat (so you can adjust to fit, as you will need to for your hair!), Angsa, with an optional ribbon to match the Ealas and Cygnettes.  (The long trailing tails can also be hidden, for just the top bow on the back, as well as a version with no ribbon or band at all.)  Hat itself is also texture change: between white, straw, and black.

angsa hat
(Clawtooth hair, Fashionably Dead skin, Imperial Elegance poses)

fifty linden vestday!
(her skin by MiaSnow, her hair by Clawtooth, her pants by Tres Blah, her cuffs and his pants by ~silentsparrow~, his skin by Tableau, his hair by Truth, both Imperial Elegance poses)

Of course they are elephantwards!

And if you wander on over towards the middle of the island while you're there, the Starlust Monster Beach Party is going on.  I'll tell you more later, for now, tiiiiiired.

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