Friday, October 5, 2012

There's a beach party at the Starlust, a monster breach party! Twomoons Island is shrouded in night this entire month, and the monsters have come out to play.  I'm not done with all my partying, I'll be adding to it through the month, but to start, there are new bikinis:

For the discerning moonbathing creature of the night, the fangkini, with printed fanged teeth on top and bottom, the top tied in the back with sculpted ties:

(Clawtooth hair, Fashionably Dead skin, ~silentsparrow~ tattoos, lassitude&ennui boots)

And four eye colour options of eyeball bikini, which I personally fondly refer to as HYPNOBOOBS.  Each Eye See You bikini comes with 2 different bottoms, super low cut and tied at the side, and a more modest brief.
(Clawtooth hair, Fashionably Dead skin, lassitude&ennui shoes, Curio Obscura tentacle)

(Curio Obscura pumpkinhead and tentacle, Fashionably Dead skin, ~silentsparrow~ tattoos, lassitude&ennui boots)

 Come join the party!

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