Friday, March 22, 2013

Eggs for Breakfast

There are two more sets of eggs, beyond the pastel Easter set.  One set is natural eggs, with white, tan, and brown solid eggs, and speckled robin, tan, and brown eggs- all also in white egg cups, with candle options.

natural eggs

And then there is the Gentleman's Breakfast, a set of 6 eggs I've taken a sharpie to and doodled on a selection of mustaches.  Those come with pastel striped pants for egg cups.

a gentleman's breakfast

And there's also a pack of all three sets of eggs, with texture change HUD options- the 6 striped pastels from the Gentleman's set, and 9 solids (which mostly match the ceramic of the Tako tea set, though the green's a bit more spring green, if you would like some eggs with your tea), so you can mix them however you so desire.

and more eggs!

Each egg/egg in cup/ candle is 1 LI, and they can be found at the elephant!

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