Tuesday, March 12, 2013

The Tako Tea Set

tako teaset

This time at The Arcade is a tea set- bedecked by tentacles. Each piece is texture change on touch with 9 colours of ceramic options (pink, orange, yellow, green, blue, lilac, white, black, and a two tone brown and blue), so you don't need to hunt for your colour of choice!

He'd let us in, knows where we've been

There are 13 different pieces (though you might want multiples of some of them- depends on how many people you want to invite to tea!)- the teapot, cake stand with petits fours, tea tray, creamer, sugar bowl, 4 cups (empty, with tea and a slice of orange, a latte, and hot chocolate with marshmallow and cinnamon stick), and 4 plates (empty, with oranges because I don't want you to get scurvy, with petits fours, and with petits fours and an orange).

In an octopus's garden in the shade

The Tako Tea Set will only be available at The Arcade for the month of March, after which it will be moving home (because I love it and would cry if I had to discontinue it...).  I am going to be refining the models when I get the time, and cross fingers, trying to get them 3D printed in ceramic (here's hoping they aren't too complex or fragile for the material!), to bring them into real life.

we would be warm below the storm

But for now, you can have them in Second Life, at The Arcade!

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