Saturday, October 31, 2009

Jerry's Flight, Lucent Batwings, and a little gift

Jerry's Flight is finally out, a shiny vinyl collar with a vinyl winged Jerry hanging down, and a simple silver buckle in back.

(~silentsparrow~ Putrid Selador from Deader Than You; Schadenfreude Langwidere Amythest skin, Thom hair, Jerry Skull earrings; retired Miriel eyes)

The wings from the Batwing Lucents are on their own now- with a few extra textures, in soft non shiny colours. The shoe fatpack has the new textures too, and both also have mini wings included as well now.

(Draconic Kiss Demona hair; ~silentsparrow~ belladonna:lepidoptera tattoos; Schadenfreude Langwidere Amythest skin, Strix corset; retired Miriel eyes)

And another free seasonal giftie, a charm bracelet with some spooky thingies on it.

That may do me for Halloween this year! (Which, you know, is good, since it's here already.) Good thing I'm spooky so I can do some of the rest of the stuff another time.

All, of course, smashed into the overcrowded elephant.

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