Wednesday, October 28, 2009


The Striges are skirts- scalloped batwinged over contrasting underskirts, belted with a batwinged buckle and studded with coffin studs and spikes. They're fitted to a rather small frame so I didn't hit the scaling wall, so stretch them to fit your shape. The glitchpants aren't much in the way of pants at all, but continue the waistband above the belt, and at least ensure you aren't entirely falling out underneath. 7 colours are available in paired separates: ghostly white, noir with 2 toned black, and the strong colours of crimson, pumpkin, slime, azure, and purple. The pairs are with a black overskirt, and the alternate colour peeking out from underneath, or the colour vibrant on top and the black peeking out from behind the scallops. There's also a scripted fatpack that lets you do all that and more, letting you mix any of the combinations together to your heart's desire, and comes with all 8 glitchpant(ie)s. (Yes, it's a theme, if I can script things to have a stupid number of options that most people wouldn't care about, but I rather like having, I shall.)

(assorted Schadenfreude Langwidere skins and Miriel eyes on all, as well as the cat mask I'm still trying to decide if I'll put out even though it's not and may never be done that you can't really see anyway!
I went through all this styling just to cut off the heads, you know, but:
in the fatpack: Schadenfreude Nekomi hair, Electro-spook tank; Schadenfreude Veronique hair, ~silentsparrow~ Putrid Selador Deader than You Tour prize (goes away Halloween, so act fast!), unreleased Jerry's Flight collar; Schadenfreude Batkini and out of frame Cinder hair; Calico Ingmann Hannah hair, Schadenfreude Koijini necklace and Batwing tank; Schadenfreude Augustine hair and cropped Striga top; ~silentsparrow~ gutter glitter pumpkin top (Deader than You Tour prize, see above note about poofing soon) and envy waist cincher, Schadenfreude Tish hair.
Crimson: Schadenfreude Tish hair, Arachnophobia necklace, cropped Blood Striga top, also a Deader than You Tour prize.
Pumpkin: Schadenfreude Pumpkin batkini (Deader than You, again!)
Slime: Schadenfreude Slime Moroi jacket
Azure: Schadenfreude Batwing tank and Koijini necklace
Purple: Schadenfreude Caged corset
Ghost: Schadenfreude Electro-cute Skull tank top
Noir: Schadenfreude Strix corset, unreleased bracelets)

Shoved out with the rest of the new stuff in the elephant. New stuff comes with tokens, btw- remember to redeem your tokens soon, Halloween is the last day for the tour!

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