Monday, December 1, 2008

Fantasma Plaza opening

A really cute spooky little enclave in the forest, Fantasma Plaza opened today. There are a number of awesome opening gifts out, and as I've also got a little place there, there is a skelebeater (men and women's included, of course) and a pair of earrings out as mine.

Crappy snap courtesy of SL being a severe bastard today, and having toooo much to do still. Also, laziness, as I didn't take off the coat or the shirt, but anyway, that's the Haunted 'beater, and you can almost make out the earrings.

(With Lolli Munster's House of Munster Glitch hair, ~silentsparrow~ cygne cuffs and pants, Illusions Sika horns, Miriel Absinthe eyes, Schadenfreude Wolsey Suit shirt, cropped fur coat, and a skin that'll be out once I finish tones, which knowing me will be 9 months. Note that I have barely changed since Ach's post....yeah, it's a good thing SL doesn't have smell-o-vision, as Alle would be pungent)

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