Monday, December 22, 2008

The Mouse King

I've wanted to do this since for a while, and then it was fighting me (and I was distracted by trees...a bunch of which still haven't been finished, even though Christmas is almost upon us), and I came down with a killer flu that wouldn't die. But! Mouse King!

5 colour choices, as well as the option for the outfit separately if you don't want a mouse head, or the head separately (all the heads are scripted with the 3 colours options), or the crown separately (all the crowns are scripted with 4 metals, 6 gems).

You'll probably need to do a bit of editting on your hair, with the mask. I know I did.

(Outfits: Calico Ingmann Jake hair, Illusions Pirate boots
Head: Maitreya Loelle on the white mouse head, Old Gravy Darkchylde on the brown
Crown: Old Gravy Darkchylde hair, Miriel eyes)

At the elephant, as usual.

Some other looks at the Mouse King:
Achariya plays the Mouse King.
Ryan Darragh of Men's Second Style as the Mouse King.
Achariya again, in the Mouse King coat in a less mousey oujisama look

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