Monday, December 15, 2008

More Christmasy

More festive thingies from Schadenfreude:

You may have ridden the large versions of Flopsie and Mopsie, to the tree farm. Little shoulder sitting versions also feature texture change fur (white, brown, grey) and hat or antlers, and are transfer for gifting.

(House of Munster Glitch hair, ~silentsparrow~ eventide jacket (retired), ~silentsparrow~ nemu shirt, Balderdash Whiskey and Merlot necklace and earrings, Miriel eyes)

More antlers, which sculpted ornaments. An assortment of options on touch (antlers white/brown/black, hangers multiple metals where applicable, colour change where applicable, all can hide individual items and toggle fullbright and various shiny settings), and each comes with bonus antlers of plain unadorned, and ornaments and lights like the ones you can get from the stocking, but with touch change options (the lights calculate the light value for you for the glow, or you can override that with a preset).

(Calico Hannah hair, ~silentsparrow~ sylvan suite, Balderdash Whiskey and Water necklace and earrings, Fleur Suzume 3 skin, Miriel eyes)

(Katat0nik Lolli hair, Katat0nik green cherries dress, Balderdash Whiskey and Sunlight necklace and earrings, Skins of Delphi (Katat0nik) skin, Miriel eyes)

(PixelDust Apatia hair, Schadenfreude Strix shrug and Tease bra, Balderdash Whiskey and Merlot necklace and earrings, Miriel eyes)

(House of Munster Glitch hair, Schadenfreude Swamp Lurking shirt, Balderdash Whiskey and Wheatgrass necklace and earrings, Schadenfreude Alabaster Elsa Green Face skin, Miriel eyes)
(Sidebar all: House of Munster Glitch hair, Pig chenille sweater in wine)

As an aside, you can probably tell I got myself the Whiskey fatpack from Balderdash for Christmas, because it's f-ing gorgeous and I couldn't choose just one.

Stripey Patchmas Pants, with sculpted cuffs and sock extenders for form fitting, in green and red stripes with black patches. These are _also_ under the special 25L tree at Axis Mundi, alongside a bunch of other awesome (and cheap) stuff!

(Katat0nik new lime! Ghostfire boots, Schadenfreude Lucent Bow Heels)

And Santagory boots are out again- similar to the Plain Buckle Platforms, but with texture change furry tops, white/grey/black/red, to match the santa hats.

(House of Munster Glitch hair, Veschi Cozily Green Sweater (altered neck))

All at the Elephant. The meeces are also at Haute Couture (and that port will take you god knows where, because I haven't updated it to where I moved) as part of a transfer for gifting bash going on at that sim, and the pants are also under the tree at Axis Mundi.


hyasynth tiramisu said...

You where smart and got the fat pack! I've bought all of them slowly *laughs* over a month. I love the Whiskey and Sunlight sets :3

Achariya Rezak said...

awesome pants - ! i think i'll go put them on nao.

Noam said...

The mice and the Hya antlers are soooo cute!!!

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