Thursday, December 11, 2008

We wish you a merry christmas...

Those who've been following Schadenfreude for a bit will know that this was coming: the stocking is out. To those that this may be a bit "what, huh, what's she talking about?!?", the stocking is like the treat bucket. Carry it around, touch it, tell others to touch it, get gifts and sweets and weaponry and antlers. (Due to a server snafu, last year's stocking is half broken and only gives out some of its stuff. But this year's has more anyway, and the only thing that was in last year's and not this is Brackle, and you can get him other ways now.)

One of the great things about the way I do the stocking- I can continue to add things and you don't have to get a new one to get the new stuff. Like, I added a new style of antlers after I set it out, for which I am going to Hell, but I grew up celebrating both Christmas and Hanukkah and they sort of became this one weird holiday, where Hanukkah brought the ceremony and the gradual presents and Christmas brought the decorating ridiculously and MORE presents, and it was awesome.

The stocking is on the table in the elephant, just walk inside and it's pretty hard to miss.

And, completely unrelated, but this may be useful to some so I'll link to it here: me rambling on image formats and their uses in SL. There's a section at the end about avoiding the dreaded alpha halo, as well as ways to avoid accidentally getting an alpha channel with something solid so you have alpha flicker unnecessarily. Feel free to plumb the journal for more other semi useful crap, I've got some crash course interesting tips for sculpts that are somewhat horribly disorganized as I was writing myself notes on how to do things so _I_ didn't forget them.

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