Friday, January 29, 2010

Circus circus!

Some new circusy striped goodness! The hat matches ~silentsparrow~'s Chapiteau set, and features the same artwork. It comes with a HUD that lets you mix and match colours from all the regular release Chapiteau sets- all 5 cameos, stipes in the 5 colours and black, hatbands and scarves to match, with optional lace edging on the scraves. (They're probably not really really scarves, but I tie scarves around my top hat, so that's what I shall call them!) There will be separate hats that also include addon HUDs (so you can use that HUD with this one, and be able to mix those options in too) with the special edition Chapiteaus: in fact, starbunny is out at Ozimals, with the rest of the exclusive starbunny ~silentsparrow~ goodies.

This hat is available both at the elephant, and at ~silentsparrow~
(hya's in Launa Fauna skin; ~silentsparrow~ Chapiteau henley and corset; Schadenfreude Fey ears, Cinder hair. I'm in all my stuff, including unreleased eyes, skin, and hair)

And just at the elephant, more stripes! Striped and ruffled underthings, in a rainbow of options.

(Schadenfreude Fey ears, Kinder horns, Chapiteau Chapeau (with starbunny addon, there on the end), unreleased eyes, skin, hair)

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