Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Ravens, ears, eyes, hair

Ears, hair, eyes, and raven

Some new things!

One of my cascading releases, as certain things I made to be worn with certain other things (...and just for the ads), because I'm crazy like that.

3 new hairstyles, Branwen, Lethe, and Thomas. The uberpacks, as always, changes with a HUD so you can choose sections to dye as well. Branwen's the one that started this new session of obsessiveness, thanks to hya for suggesting the name that got me on this kick (♥), even if it was evil!

(in the foreground: Curio Elf skin, Scribble ears, ~silentsparrow~ Lysander outfit and oak.acorn.squirrel tattoos, Schadenfreude Tethys raven
in the background: ~silentsparrow~ Gloomy outfit, Scribble Ever After wings, Schadenfreude Langwidere Porcelain Smudged skin
retired Miriel eyes on both)

Lethe's been sitting in my inventory, nameless, for a while. It uses my first hair sculpts, and might actually be the first hair I made with sculpted bits, another one of my infinite A-lines (because that's what I try to get my hair to do, but hairdressers, do they listen? Noooo, they just give me bobs. Most successful I've managed so far was hacking my own hair off one night). I release hairs in chunks because when I get one ready I use the excuse to look through the old ones I haven't let out yet, hence, Lethe finally got textured properly and ready to go.

(in the foreground: ~silentsparrow~ Ritual outfit and goblet, Balderdash Jazz Funeral jeweled bracelet, random things that came up when I searched for "pearl" that I forget what are for the other bracelet and necklace, skin I'm working on, Schadenfreude glitter manicure
in the background: ~silentsparrow~ Chapiteau seanorses corset and Nymphai skirt, Schadenfreude Mer-elf ears and manicure
Beloved Designs eyes on both)

Thomas is Thom's longer and floppier twin brother, who's been intended since before Thom was released, but I hadn't quite gotten myself to finish it.

(Scribble ears and Schadenfreude Electro-spook necklace on her, Electro-spook tank/tee on both, matching Orpheus and Langwidere skins
retired Miriel eyes on both)

These hairstyles are now available only on the Marketplace

The raven who made an appearance in the Dusk Vest ad, and his companion who I needed for Branwen:

(Tish hair, Nosfercoat, Geoflake eyes, in progress skin)
Both white and black ravens come in two versions- a shoulder sitting version with curved claws to hold onto your shoulder better (and can of course also be rezzed to perch on braches!), and one with flat feet for standing on flatter surfaces, along with some fluffy bits around his legs.

Finned Mer-elf ears, which I decided I needed for Lethe (which, when I dug it out to retexture it, decided looked like it would be quite suitable for a mermaid). They have a few textures to start (1 pure white shaded texture, and the 8 tones of Langwidere/Orpheus, so it's got a somewhat decent range of natural tones to start tone matching better with tinting from at the moment- and of course most people who are not me wear hair that covers the ears a bit so an exact match isn't usually as required, just close), and of course can be tinted to match your skin better- and I'll be adding more skintones. There is an updater included, so when more tones are added, wear the updater and get the new HUD delivered straight to you!

(~silentsparrow~ Nymphai corset, assorted Balderdash necklaces, layered, Langwidere skins and Geoflake eyes- Mer on large, Sparrow on small)

Ears and ravens are available at the elephant, of course!

And a new special set of geoflake eyes, pale ice blue, with sparrows. These are only available in the attic at silent sparrow- when you teleport into the shop, head upstairs and through one of the doors to the area of fun stuff, including a few other exclusives from hya's friends!

(the ad shows a zoomed in as far as I could manage with SL being wonky with my camera, on just the body part layer eye- no post processing aside from cutting it out, what you see is what you get. And the prim eyes will be yet crisper.)

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