Thursday, January 28, 2010

Fey ears with plugs, Electro-cute Plugs

Fey ears with just plugs- 9 plastic base plugs. All plugs will change with addon HUDs with additional plug artwork when they are released- there will be more plug styles released as the mood hits (and ear styles), and you'll be able to grab the plug art HUDs you desire to be able to control all the plugs you have.

(another fantastic Clawtooth hair, see, perfect for ears!; ~silentsparrow Datura; Pig Ozfest; ~silentsparrow~ fledermaus tattoos; unreleased eyes and skin I've been wearing far too much!)

And an addon! The Electro-cutes in shiny plastic plugs. This includes the plugs themselves for human ears, and the ability to change all Schadenfreude plugs (like, if you have the ears above, this will change those plugs too!)

(both hairstyles by Tiny Bird; ~silentsparrow~ tudor rose tattoos; Schadenfreude Sparrowflake eyes, Diamond Dogs and Moonage Daydream Langwidere skins, Electro-cutes tanks)

You can find these at the elephant!

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