Friday, January 15, 2010

Fey Ears, Spiral Horns

fey ears, spiral horns

New ears! Stretched fey ears, with spirals in 15 colours- like the Mer-elf ears, there are lifetime updates included for when I add more tones (and the same tones are included to start off with as well). I'm quite fond of these ears, and have been wearing them quite a bit lately. More jewelry styles to come, of course- some very soon! There will be plain unstretched ones as well, eventually, but I haven't gotten to remaking the sculpt yet (the importance of doing that isn't apparent in this set, but will be in other jewelry, eventually).

(miaSnow sacred heart tattoo, ~silentsparrow~ Cheshire tank and fledermaus tattoos, assorted my stuff including unreleased skin)

The horns also come separate if you aren't that into being one of the pointy eared.

(~silentsparrow~ tattoos, assorted my stuff)

At the elephant, of course!

There's also been a sneaky stealth update at the tree farm- 7 more candy colours of bottlebrush tree in all three styles, and copy fatpacks with the ability to mix and match glittery foliage and trunks or bases.
bottlebrush trees

(I really hate taking pictures of trees!)

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