Friday, January 22, 2010

Kinder Horns, and Scribble has a Spotty Bum!

alas poor ham-let

Now this one is a bit complicated. Because, you see, it's a collab with Scribble, even though the pieces all work awesomely separately as well. Firstly, I shall tell a story.

Once upon a time, Radio Signals, who is, like most (if not all) of the designers in SL who make wonderful things that I love, a fantastic traditional artist as well as someone who creates amazing things in SL, took a day off SL to draw. And made this:
yay deer

And it is beautiful. And, well. Why not make that come to life in SL, since, you know, we can do those things here? That's one of the things that makes SL awesome to me- we have the possibilities to do things here that we couldn't do as easily, if at all, in RL. We've got this awesome weird little artists colony here of people who can bring their creations to life, and you can walk about being that art.

My part is the horns. I've been playing around with horns and antlers for quite some time, never really finishing any of it, but this gave me a good reason to stop cursing at textures and figure out something that I liked finally. There are 6 softly ridged colours (in natural neutrals), and 12 hard solid colours (including wacky colours like blue and purple and red and green), and a demo so you can try them on and check out all the colours instead of me smashing them in the ad there somewhere.

(Spotty Bum in special Allegreen bum on the me in the background, Clawtooth hair which is wonderfully sleek for showing off ears and horns in the foreground, ~silentsparrow~ tattoo and Balderdash bracelet peeking out on the me in the back, my ears/skins/eyes/'hawk- skin and eyes on me in back are yet unreleased.)

You can also blame Radio for the "font" there- she doesn't use a font, she writes on all of her ads (which I love a lot, but I'm still a bit shaky with a tablet, so it takes a lot of rewriting/drawing!)

But! So! Radio's side of the awesome here was the dress (which has lots of great options including shorts and leggings and comes with the cute little blouse, and you can get in all sorts of colours to placate your inner rainbow faun, or anyone else who needs the cutest spotty bum ever), and the skull (which is amazingly only 3 prims and I am so jealous of the amazing texture there I cannot tell you), and a great bundle with the artwork for your wall in SL (I hear that she's looking into prints too, so you can have real live art for your real live walls).


Coming soon

There are also exclusives for Stumblebum at Scribble this weekend- a few different colours of the outfit, and a special black skull. BLACK AS MY SOUL.

You can find all these things conveniently together, at Schadenfreude and Scribble locations near you! (If you want to avoid the crowds for the Haiti fundraiser, go to the Scribble in Cupcake, but I don't know if the Stumblebum awesome is there!)

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