Friday, January 29, 2010

The Stumblebum Family Circus!

the sensational stumblebum sisters

The Stumblebum Brigade is coming to town again, this time a few of the brigadeers have decided to bring you a very special show.

A one weekend engagement! After which they will be gone, never to be seen again!

The Owl circus!

the death-defying allegory

From Schadenfreude! A special edition of the Chapiteau Chapeau, in brown, with Owls!

And the Cirque Intimates, to match the brown Owls!

the high-flying hyasynth

From ~silentsparrow~! Chapiteau shirt and corset set, and bloomers and skirts set, in Owls!

the spectacular sakuradawn

From Lazy Places! Shoes and Boots, in Owls!

From the rest of the Stumblebum Brigade! Well, you'll just have to go see, won't you? It wouldn't do to ruin all the surprise!

1. pda ~
2. Djinn & Tonic
3. Lamb ~
4. Pig ~
5. Pididdle ~
6. Silent Sparrow ~
7. Impulse ~
8. Schadenfreude ~
9. Strumpit ~
10. Lazy Places ~
11. Nomine ~

As a reminder, the event starts at 12 am SLT on Saturday and ends 12 am SLT on Monday (Sunday night).

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