Sunday, November 4, 2007


I've decided I do really prefer the dialogs on touch. I was a bit hesitant- they do annoy me when they get too much in the way and you accidentally click on them, but most of what I make currently it pretty small and you really have to intend to click on it. Besides, I wore that Gritty Kitty witch hat for a while before Hallowe'en, and it actually didn't get to me nearly as much as I would have thought.

I'm (SLOWLY!) converting older things over. I haven't redone any of the ads for anything yet! But the monocle and the keys (Flewksbriar and Heortecaeg) should now be the other system everywhere, and there's a note about it in the mouseover text on the boxes in shops.

If you have an old version, simply IM me and let me know you'd like to trade! I don't mind! I _may_ pester everyone in my transaction history when I've gotten everything converted (I haven't touched the Cathedral stuff or Digital Alchemy yet, so it's still going to take me a bit to get there far- and I need to redo all the ads to reflect the change as well, since they don't have the extra metals either [the keys now also come in the two shades of pink too! I'm telling you, Gogo is a bad influence!]). I'm pretty sure I have finally decided on The Way I'm going to do things, so I would be more willing to annoy people- they really don't need to be getting weekly IMs as I change my mind on how to do things.

Yes, I really am that bad.

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